How To Draw and Design A Custom LED Neon Sign

Drawing and designing a custom neon sign is easier than you think. If you know how to use a word processor, like Microsoft Word, you already have the skills you need. Below, we’ll walk you through how to make a custom neon design.

For our tutorial example, we’ll use “Merry Christmas”. Of course, this could be anything you want, like “Happy Hanukkah” to a custom business name with a logo icon. The process is the same. To make your custom sign, you’ll need to decide on a font and optionally, on a graphic or icon.

Step One: Pick A Font

For the font, there are lots of options within Microsoft Word, and you’ll want to select a font that fits the message.  For “Merry Christmas” a stylish handwriting font in italics would be best.  For that, you can find options in MS Word, or head over to a free font website.  My choice is There are even some cool “neon fonts” you can download, but you’ll have to pay for them. For now, we’ll use the free stuff.

You’ll find lots of great fonts here.  I’m going to select the handwriting category and then the “Better Grade” font.

Select font category:

Select Font (Better Grade in our example):

To get the font you want, select the download icon to download the font (the cloud with the down arrow) and save it to your computer.  If using MS Window, click on the downloaded file to extra it (the download is a zip file so you need to decompress it or extra it).  Once extracted, in MS Windows file manager, right click on the file and install it (see pic below).

That’s it!  Your font is now in MS Word.

Tip: remember what the font is named!  You’ll need that in the next step.

Step Two: Use A Favorite Document Editor Like Microsoft Word

Open MS Word and type in your content.  For our tutorial, it’s “Merry Christmas”.  Center the content on the page to make it look nice as you format it.  To change the font to your downloaded font, highlight the text, and from your “Home” section in MS Word, select the font dropdown, and type in the name of your new font.  In the example, it’s “Better Grade” and select it.  You can size it accordingly.  For the example, it’s 72pts.

Add color to your font and that’s it.  Your custom neon design is ready to submit.

Step Three: Add An Icon To Your Design

If you want to add a graphic or icon, that’s easy as well.  You’ll want a graphic that is “line art” so it can easily be made with led neon tubes.  In our example, we’ll add a Christmas icon to our text. To find an icon, there are many websites, but my favorite is .  In the search bar, a search for  “Christmas” shows lots of options.  TIP: Select IOS icons.  The Decorating Christmas Tree icon will work well in our tutorial.  In addition, you can recolor it as needed.  In our case, instead of black, it’s green.

Download the free icon (100 x 100 is fine).  Once downloaded, you can drag and drop it into your MS Word document.


In our example, we’ve placed the icon below “Merry Christmas” to create a taller sign.  Alternatively, the icon could be place beside our tag line “Merry Christmas”.


LED custom neon sign development does not need to be complicated.  In fact, it’s quite simple and can be fun to create your own.  If you’re planning your wedding reception and already have the invites, you can use a picture of the invite as the design.  If in business, your logo can easily be transformed into an LED neon sign.  Or build your own using the simple method illustrated here.

Whatever your design, I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!


How do I order?
Send us an inquiry through our website, direct message us on Instagram, or e-mail us to begin designing your custom neon! After your inquiry, we will work with you to perfect your design and have you approve it before we begin.
Can I create an LED sign of an image, logo, or special font?
Absolutely! We provide our most popular font options or a link to even more fonts, but that doesn’t mean you are limited to that! Send us your image, logo, or desired font (if it isn’t already on our list) and we’ll work with you to create exactly what you’re wanting to create in neon!
How do I hang my custom neon sign?
We make it easy! With every purchase we include a free hanging cable kit which is great for temporary hanging such as weddings, baby showers, or parties! We also provide a wall mount kit for when you are ready to hang your sign from the wall and have it be more permanent. Regardless of how you decide to display your new custom LED neon from Love at First Sign, we will provide you with the necessary accessories to do so!
Is my LED neon dangerous?
No! Our LED neon is crafted with safe, high-quality materials that are designed not to be hot to the touch and durable! This means it is safe to have in your child’s room, home, or special event without worry!
Do you offer shipping?
We offer shipping to any state within the United States! We love getting to work with customers near and far! For customers local to Utah, we also offer free pickup!
Do you have a warranty?
Yes! With every purchase we are proud to offer a free 12 month limited warranty on our signs because we are so confident in our products.
How long will it take for my custom neon sign to arrive?
As a small business we take pride in each of our creations as well as our quality! To ensure high quality for each of these creations, our average time frame is 21-28 days.
What is the lifespan of these awesome neon signs?
Our high quality custom neon signs are durable and built to last. The long-lasting neon lighting that we use has an average lifespan of our neon signs is 50,000 hours!
Where are you based?
We are a husband-wife duo that built our small business in our home in Salt Lake City, Utah.
What is an LED neon sign?
LED neon signs are created using a mixture of acrylic backing, wiring and many tiny LED light bulbs which seamlessly blend into one strand. Our neon signs are hand made which allows greater detail and customization!
What is the advantage of our LED Neon Signs versus Traditional Neon Signs?
Our LED signs offer an advantage not only in price and longevity (50,000 hours on average) but also in aesthetic as well! Also, our signs look great in both the light and the dark, whereas traditional neon signs work best only when it is dark. Finally, our LED neon signs offer more options in customization because they are made up of many more tiny lights that can be manipulated.
Is my sign going to be easy to install?
Yes! Our neon signs are mounted on an high quality acrylic backing which makes it easy to hang. Your sign also comes with suitable power adapter switch, plug, installation accessories like clasps, special hanging wire, etc. which makes install a breeze!